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Witchcraft and Wicca

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Witchcraft and Wicca


U.K. Pagan  Websites

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The Plug-in Pagan pages Good site with lots of info and articles about paganism
Index of Cornish places to visit
A guided tour of ancient Wessex
  Astral Travel Astral travel offer coach tours to interesting places from London - aimed mostly at tourists I suspect!
 This place is located in the caves below Glastonbury Tor
A journey from Scratchwood to Camelot - there's loads of places to visit !
The Witchcraft Museum at Boscastle, Cornwall.Yep.... it's  a real place and well worth a visit!

Other On-Line Resources and Links Books | Contacts


There are a multitude of sites related to British art, music, and traditions with many more coming online all the time. Some sites maintain excellent links to the best Craft web pages.

The Ancient Sacred Landscape Network ASLaN, or the Ancient Sacred Landscape Network, is a diverse collection of groups that have come together to promote the idea that the conservation of and access to sacred sites are both compatible and desirable.   ASLAN aims to be a national focus for the exchange of information between the public, local groups and national bodies. It hopes to be a contact point for information on local initiatives and problems, for communication between bodies involved on the ownership and administration of sacred sites, and for the circulation of results of the Network's discussion with other professional and official bodies.

For further information send a SAE to:

The Cottage
Crowan, Praze
Camborne, TR14 9NB



Bridgewalker lots of interviews with pagan authors, extracts from books, events, etc. and very well presented!

The British Druid Order   The Mother Grove of the British Druid Order (BDO) was formed in 1979 as part of a personal quest to recreate a native British spirituality.  The Order is currently under the guidance of founder, Philip Shallcrass (Grey Wolf, aka Wolf Walks With Fire) and Emma Restall Orr (Bobcat) as joint Chiefs, their role being that of facilitators and guides. Philip is a musician, artist, poet and writer.

The British Druid Order teaches Druidry as native spirituality and as a path to healing. This process involves recovering a sense of the sacred in all areas of our lives so that we can heal ourselves, our society and our land.

For further information send a SAE to:

PO Box 29
St Leonard’s on Sea
East Sussex, TN37 7YP


Circle Of Annwn are a group of Ceremonial magicians.   Their system is a Theosophically based system with Qabbalaistic and Thelemic teachings being an intrinsic part.  The structure is similar to that of the Argentium Astrum.  They are a totally non-profit making group, and also run a magazine, of the same name, for members and non-members alike.  They offer training and support to those wishing to learn.

Comharsa Pagan Network Information, services, events, books, places or people looking for contact that will be of use to all Pagans but particularly those resident in the UK

Coventry Earth Spirit

Coventry Earth Spirit is an organisation concerned with the cultural, emotional & spiritual side to our relationship with our environment. In our view, care for the environment is inseparable from our path of self-development and our spirituality, so we aim to provide support to our members in these pursuits. We are interested in the history, natural history and folklore of local places of interest and we work to promote the well being of shared special places for all the community. Membership to Coventry Earth Spirit is free!

For further information send a SAE to:

Coventry Earth Spirit
85 Highland Road
Coventry, CV5 6GS

Tel: 01203 714974


Druidspear home page Birmingham's favorite Pagan Band.

Earth Spirit was born as a festival in deepest Sussex, England in 1993. We make empowering environments for individuals to actively express their inspiration. Alternative health, crafts, environmental debate, theatre, music, good company and great fun all contribute to the feel of Earth Spirit Events.

The Fellowship of Isis( FOI) is a worldwide network of Goddess-Worshippers that offers free membership as well as training in the FOI priesthood, a full liturgy, a quarterly magazine and now Web space. There are two daughter organisations - the Noble Order of Tara which fights on environmental issues, and the Druid Clan of Dana.

The Green Circle is an open, social fellowship of people with a genuine interest in any of the following: magic, witchcraft, alternative healing, conservation, self-awareness or personal growth, within the Western Mystery tradition.

The Hearth of Hecate, Based in Runcorn, Cheshire in the North West of England, practising and teaching Wicca from a Traditional/Hecataen perspective

Helicon: The Witch's Sanctuary A very nice Wicca/Witchcraft site, full of poetry, basic information and links. 

Hoblink is a UK based organisation for gay/lesbian/bisexual Pagans and occultists. One of our main magickal aims is to seek to challenge the idea of polarity, also to encourage research into archetypes that we can relate to as our own. We produce a magazine which comes out four times a year and a newsletter. Also we have a 'HOBNET' scheme which encourages members to link up in their local areas or to correspond (by box number, phone or e-mail).

The House of the Goddess 

A meeting of minds that honour the female sacred."  This is a nice mix of personal and academic reflections. Includes booklists, research papers, introductions to Goddess studies, Paganism, and links to related web sites. Maintained by Priestess Shan Jayran

This is a Dianic tradition which encourages men to join. Shan, the Clan Mother of the House of the Goddess, is definitely one of the nicest people we met in England. Her heart is truly One-With-The-Goddess. Contact her if you want to know what is going on in London.

The House of Isis and Osiris  is a contemporary Mystery School devoted to the Mysteries of Classical Western Paganism. The School is organised through a number of autonomous Houses, each offering a structured programme of training which places the teachings of the past within a vital, contemporary structure.

Inkubus Sukkubus home page  This band has been very successful among Pagans in Britain.

The Insular Order of Druids  The Insular Order of Druids, IOD , was founded on the Summer Solstice 1993 at 'Stonehenge' England. Where'Dylan Ap Thuin', proclaimed a newly formed seed group to representatives of two Druidic Orders (one British, the other French) and the World's Media.

LifeRites  was set up in April 1998 to help build on the foundation work of The Voyager Trust concerning the issues of dying and death. This remit has been extended to cover all rites of passage and life celebrations. LifeRites is dedicated to serving the needs of those individuals who ascribe to Nature based spiritualities by providing practical advice and guidance on Rites of Passage and Life Celebrations.

Mystical World Wide Web  Mystical World Wide Web (Mystical-WWW) exists as a service to share and collate information from topics that are related to the Mystical World in which we live.

The Odinic Rite  The Odinic Rite is an organisation whose aims are to promote all aspects of our ancestral religion today called Odinism, the organic spiritual beliefs and way of life of the indigenous peoples of Northern Europe. The watch-words of the Odinic Rite are "Faith, Folk, Family" and this summarises their ideals well.   The Odinic Rite:

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids The ancient teachings of the Druids represent one of the well-springs of inspiration of the Western Spiritual Tradition. Druids were magicians and poets, counsellors and healers, shamans and philosophers.

The work of the Order brings together three major areas of interest: the artistic, the environment and the spiritual. There is a "distance learning" training course, which allows members from all over the world to work within Druid tradition, and retreats, summer camps and workshops are held. There are now nearly two thousand members of the Order, in over a dozen countries, over thirty Groves and Seed Groups. In addition to the teaching programme, the Order promotes a Campaign for Individual Ecological Responsibility and a Sacred Grove & Tree Planting Programme.

For further information send a SAE to:

The Secretary
PO Box 1333
East Sussex, BN7 3ZG


Ordo Anno Mundi The arts of Traditional Witchcraft, which flourished amongst our Pagan and Heathen ancestors in ancient Europe, are preserved and passed on by the OAM (Ordo Anno Mundi), a magical order of initiates dedicated to the training of its members in the arcane sciences of nature.

Pagan Federation Websites

Pagan Central

PF Central Region (Beds, Bucks, Herts, etc.) official Pagan Federation Web Pages

PF South Home page

The official Pagan Federation Web Page for Surrey, Hants and Berks.

South West Pagan Federation

PF South West Region official Pagan Federation Web pages. E-mail:

PF East Midlands Home page

The official Pagan Federation Web Page for the East Midlands

PF Wight Home page

The official Pagan Federation Web Page for The Isle of Wight

PF Scotland & Ireland

The official Pagan Federation Web Page for Scotland and Ireland


PF InternationalThe official Web page of PF International.

Euro-PF Mailing ListThe official Pagan Federation Mailing list for Pagans in Europe! The Euro-PF-list is only for Pagans living in Europe. The list is intended for discussions about paganism and living in the different European contries.

PF IrelandThe official Web page of the PF in Ireland.

PF BelgiumThe official Web page of the PF in Belgium.

PF SwedenThe official Web page of the PF in Sweden.

PF NetherlandsThe official Web page of the PF in Holland. (Dutch language site)

PF GermanyThe official Web page of the PF in Germany. (German language site)

PF CanadaThe official Web page of the PF in Canada.

Affiliated Organisations

Pagan Federation South Africa The Pagan Federation of South African is a group of concerned South Africans, who wish to recreate a bond between all Pagans and Nature. The recreation of this bond could take place through a monotheistic, non atheistic, polytheistic or pantheistic approach. The PFSA strength lies in it's democratic and transparent process, through which it claims it's mandate. Any hierarchical structure is solely for the administrative and organizational needs of the PFSA.

Pagan Federation / Fédération Païenne - Canada

The PFPC's aims are to:  provide contact among Pagan groups and genuine seekers of the Old Ways; foster interaction and dialogue among the various branches of Canadian Paganism, both anglophone and francophone; and provide practical, accurate and effective information about Paganism to members of the public, the media, public bodies and governmental agencies.

Paganlink Network   Paganlink is a network for all who honour and celebrate the spirit of the Earth. It aims to make Pagan and magickal ways accessible to anyone who is seeking them.

Paganlink West Yorkshire now has its own page Includes a full list of Paganlink Moots in the area.

The Pagan Way An independent Pagan & Environmental information news service. We hope to be of service to those interested in Paganism & the Old Ways; Celticism, Odinism & the Northern Traditions, New Age Gaiaism, Wicca, Druidism, Shamanism, etc. Or folk who simply love the good Earth and Her ways. Also we keep a keen eye on environmental issues, giving you up to the minute news on what is going on.

Ring of Troth  The Ring of Troth is dedicated to exploring, practicing and promoting the pre-Christian religion of the Germanic peoples, who include the English, Norse, Icelanders, Swedes and Germans, among others.

The Source Scottish Esoteric Network

The Source is an independent voluntary esoteric network based in Scotland. The network has been formed primary for the communication and interaction of esotericism. It brings together those of like minds interested in the pursuit of esoteric knowledge and the sharing of the same for the common good.

For further information send a SAE to:

The Source
Scottish Esoteric Network
5 South East Circus Place
Edinburgh, EH3 6TJ


Twisted Tree  serves Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset & Somerset. 

The UK Pagans Mailing List Home PageThe uk-pagans mailing list was set up in June 1994. It is open to pagans resident in the UK and Ireland and exists for discussion on topics of relevance to pagans and paganism in Britain and Ireland.  Since then topics have included such things as:

  • Announcements of meetings and moots.
  • Festivals and celebrations in the UK.
  • Impact of forthcoming legislation on pagans.
  • Requests for information on various pagan paths.
  • What rights pagans have under UK law.
  • What pagan organisations exist in the UK.
  • Where we're going to go for a drink tonight.

White Dragon  is an independent quarterly pagan magazine of witchcraft, the occult and earth mysteries serving the ancient kingdom of Mercia in the English Midlands. It has been published at each of the fire festivals since Samhain 1993 and is edited by Dragonmeister Rowan.



These are some of the more important Pagan Groups in the U.K. If you write them, please enclose a self addresed and stamped envelope


    The Basingstoke Moot

    Will be happening on the first Thursday of the month. To be held at the New Inn on Sarum Hill, in Basingstoke. This is just along the Worting Road, between the town centre and the tech college (BCOT).

    For further information please contact:

    Jo on 01256 474991 for details.

    The Catalyst Collective

    Catalyst Collective is a workers’ co-op (unpaid as yet) and part of the Radical Routes, a network of housing and workers’ co-ops. Our activities include stalls at events, selling T-shirts and giving information on health, the environment, animal rights, home education, co-ops, etc. We attend workshops to speak on and debate social change issues, our lifestyle, etc. We want to plant trees, set up a housing co-op to house ourselves and others, to grow food using forest culture/permaculture, have an open house/learning/resource centre where people are welcome to share, learn, relax and play. We produce GreenLine magazine.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Catalyst Collective Ltd.
    PO Box 5
    Cornwall, PL22 0YT

    Centre for Pagan Studies

    The Centre focuses on celebrating festivals, providing facilities for social events, providing handfasting rituals and days of dedication to the Old Ways by offering a resource for dedicated local Pagans to pursue and enrich their knowledge of the Old Religion.

    For details on their 1999 prospectus please send a SAE to:

    c/o The Old Oast
    East Sussex, TN22 3AY

    Clan of the Rowan

    A women's environmental and magic group dedicated to the service of the Earth. Using both ceremony and practical action.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    12 Sandbed Road
    St Werburghs
    Bristol, BS2 9TX

    Cloven Hoof

    A new networking group based in Preston, Lancashire. Offers; monthly meetings, socials, outings, outdoor/full moons, moot/rituals. Discussions and workshops, exploring all aspects of nature based religion., Bi-monthly newsletter ú1 a year, inc. postage (or 6 first class stamps). Everyone welcome.

    For further info phone: 01772 761897


    Council of British Druid Orders

    The Council is an affiliation of many Druidic orders, some 200 years old or more, some only a few. The main aim of the order is to put an end to the various Druidical orders fighting in public and strives for calmness and unity.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    125 Magyar Crescent
    Warwickshire, CV11 4SJ

    Creatrix P.A.N.

    Creatrix Pagan Artist Network is for mutual support and promotion of members’ creativity in any form. Each will have their own particular artistic goals and our aim is to support those wherever we can. Communicating and networking with other members can be a powerful aid – bouncing ideas, giving and receiving help, marketing and promoting ideas, etc. Or simply for a shoulder to cry on when the muse eludes; in a word, Friendship.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Creatrix P.A.N.
    Rosewood Cottage
    East Yorkshire, YO25 0QT

    Dagda's Lore

    A new Pagan think tank. An introductory leaflet is available.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Dagda's Lore
    9 North View
    Wallsend, NE28 7NF


    A non-profit making network of like minded people interested in the Occult, Astrology, Magic, Runes, Tarot, etc.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    PO Box 47
    Cheshire, SK14 8FD

    Dragon Eco-Magic

    Focuses on conservation, rituals, etc. Membership available ú10/15 a year.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    39 Amersham Road
    London, SE14 6QQ

    Dragon Environmental Group

    "Dragon" tries to unify magical practice with ecological action. We draw all the magical traditions and welcome people at every level of ability and commitment. Traditionally, the dragon is the magical energy of the Earth, and "Dragon" uses magic to defend and heal the Earth, grounding the power in campaign and conservation work. We use magic and ritual to stop environmental destruction and to strengthen those who fight to protect the planet.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Dragon Environmental Group
    3 Sanford Walk
    London, SE14 6NB

    Tel: 0181 691 7685

    Druid College of Albion

    Offers personal or/and postal training of the Druid ways.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Druid Collage of Albion
    BM Stargrove
    London, WC1N 3XX

    Fellowship of the Crystal Circle

    A non-denominational Pagan fellowship.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    The Fellowship of the Crystal Circle
    2 New Close
    West Horrington
    Somerset, BA5 3EE

    The Green Circle

    The Green Circle treasures our planet Earth, and strives hard to live in harmony and peace with Nature; to desire peace and fellowship and the continuance of the Earth as a fit and wonderful place to live.

    The Green Circle is an open, social fellowship of people with a genuine interest in any of the following; magic, witchcraft, alternative healing, conservation, self awareness or personal growth, within the Western Mystery Tradition.

    Membership is ú6 a year, which includes a quarterly newsletter.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    The Green Circle
    PO Box 280
    Kent, ME16 0UL



    A medieval reinactment society, where the emphasis is on fun. Catering for the people in and around Oxford and Newbury areas, but also people from all over the UK. On joining Grimwood you will receive a copy of "Being Medieval", a guide to everything you'll ever need to know about being medieval.

    Membership for a year cost ú5.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    PO Box 110
    Didcot, OX11 7YH


    A group for gay and bi-sexual Pagans and Occultists. Membership is available; ú6/4 which includes a regular newsletter.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Box 22
    "Out" Bookshop
    4-7 Dorset Street
    Brighton, BL2 OVA


    The Invisible College

    Offers one and two day courses run by Marian Green for small groups of students. Courses include Village Witchcraft, the Celtic Tradition of Myth and Magic, Practical Divination, the Grail Quest, Modern Ritual, and Exploring the Inner Worlds. Residential weekend workshops and ongoing training.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Marian Green
    PO Box 42
    Bath, BA1 1ZN

    The Life Style Movement

    A network of people who share the perspective of "Live Simply that all may simply live", and who are committed to moving towards a more just and sustainable way of life. "Living Green" is their four-monthly newsletter and come free to members.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Life Style Movement
    21 Fleetwood Court
    Madeira Road
    West Byfleet, KT14 6BE

    Lyceum of Isis Myrionymous

    Offers a postal course on Goddess based meditation and magic. Initiation and ordination offered. An introductory booklet is available.

    For further information send a SAE and 6x1st class stamps for booklet, to:

    BM Box 1129
    London, WC1N 3XX

    Manchester Pagan Wheel

    Offers a vast resource of activities and happenings in and around Greater Manchester. Also offers a quarterly journal. Main monthly MPW moot held at the Bulls Head, London Road, Manchester, phone for details.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Manchester Pagan Wheel
    Box 18, Frontline Books
    255, Wilmslow Road, Rusholme
    Manchester, M14 5LW

    Tel: 0161 286 1818

    Minor Arcana: a Pagan Group for Teenagers

    Minor Arcana is a new contact network for Pagan teenagers and youth. As from Beltane (1st May) 1998 interested Pagans will be able to receive free Minor Arcana's debut newsletter. If you wish to do so write to the following address below as soon as possible. General information about Minor Arcana is also available from the same address.

    Membership is free and all enquiries are welcome. M.A. will look forward to hearing from you shortly. Please note that you don't have to be a youngster to contact Minor Arcana.

    Please include an A4 SAE. Any ideas for M.A. are always welcome.

    Minor Arcana
    PO Box 615
    Norwich, NR1 4QQ

    New Alchemy

    New Alchemy is an experimental group, working with the elemental forces in man and nature. We use the eight festivals for the year as a focus, with awareness of lunar phases and include Eco-magic elements of native American shamanism, Earth mysteries and modern Druidic practice.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    New Alchemy
    80 Tutnalls Street
    Gloucestershire, GL15 5PQ

    Northern Earth Mysteries Group

    The Northern Earth Mysteries Group is an informal association of subscribers to Northern Earth Magazine. It holds regular meetings in West Yorkshire. Much of our subject matter is involved with ancient and/or sacred places, folklore and religious traditions and other events of cultural interaction with the landscape.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Northern Earth Mysteries Group
    10 Jubilee Street
    Henden Bridge
    West Yorkshire, HX7 5NP

    The Odinic Rite  The Odinic Rite is an organisation whose aims are to promote all aspects of our ancestral religion today called Odinism, the organic spiritual beliefs and way of life of

    the indigenous peoples of Northern Europe. The watch-words of the Odinic Rite are "Faith, Folk, Family" and this summarises their ideals well.

    The Odinic Rite was the first heathen body to be granted charitable status under the Charities Act. Life members are those who have taken the Oath of Profession and apprentices support the Rite by paying an annual Toll (£15 min.) in return for which they receive OR Briefing, Rimstock and other literature.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    The Odinic Rite
    BM Runic
    London, WC1N 3XX


    More and more Pagans, both old and young, are looking towards native British traditions as a framework for their beliefs rather than to those of other countries. Some are drawn to the Northern Tradition, and the Odinshof, through a fascination with the Runes. The Odinshof is a registered charity as was formed nine days before the Great Storm of October ’87.

    The Odinshof believes very much in building bridges with like minded groups. Principally, those are the "greens", Buddhists, the gay and lesbian community and other Pagan organisations. Hearths are encouraged to create local initiatives as well as supporting central Odinshof campaigns.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    BCM: Tercel
    London, WC1N 3XX

    The Olympian Foundation

    The Olympian Foundation aims to promote to all, knowledge and awareness of the Olympian Gods and Goddesses, due to an increased interest and sightings in Europe and the UK. The Foundation also aims to provide information for those who have experienced a sighting or have spoken to the ancient Gods who, once more, walk upon the Earth.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    The Olympian Foundation
    Kent Road
    Isle of Wight, PO38 1NH

    Pagan Academic Network (PAN)

    This academic research network has been established to fulfil a need for higher educated circles. It will provide an academic forum for interested researchers involved in all aspects of Paganism to network together. For members, the Network can offer valuable contacts and advice on how to reconcile professional activities with Pagan beliefs and ancient spiritual teachings. The Network can also encourage members to develop the highest levels of academic research skills relevant to their career.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Pagan Academic Network
    4 Woollas Hall
    Bredon Hill, WR10 3DN

    Pagan Animal Rights

    Pagan Animal Rights, a national organisation set up in 1983, supports any non-violent campaign to: end all forms of animal abuse; conserve the Earth’s wildlife and natural habitats; and promote a non-harming lifestyle and ethical diet.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Pagan Animal Rights
    110 Geoffrey Road,
    London, SE4 1NU

    The Pagan Anti-Defamation Network

    The Pagan Anti-Defamation Network is a voluntary organisation that exits to defend the religious freedom of all Pagan paths is society by supplying and exchanging information to dispel misrepresentations aimed at Paganism.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    286 Guildford Road
    Lancashire, PR8 3EB

    Pagan Elders Group

    Networking and personal contacts for the over 50's

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Pagan Elders Groups
    c/o The White Crow

    Pagan Information Network Exchange

    (PINE) for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Offers information on Pagan networking, introductions for seekers, etc.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Herne's Cottage
    Co. Meath

    Reforest the Earth

    Reforest the Earth is a UK based project that aims to promote tree planting to combat the greenhouse effect, to raise awareness of the greenhouse effect and the many related forms of environmental destruction. Also, to foster individual involvement in the solutions to the many environmental problems facing humanity in the late 20th century.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Reforest the Earth
    48 Bethel Street
    Norfolk, NR2 1NR

    Ring of Troth

    This group sets out to promote, support and develop the study and practice of the Heathen, religious, arts, crafts and varied cultural traditions of the Teutonic peoples, who include the English, Dutch, Friesians, Germans and Scandinavians. The beliefs and practices of the Ring of Troth are based on sound historical research and scholarship.

    For further information send a SAE to:


    Ring of Troth
    26 Maple Gardens
    Burnt Oak
    HA8 0JQ


    Ring of Troth
    53 Scott Road
    S4 7BG


    Ring of Troth
    BM Aswynn
    WC1N 3XX


    The Ruardain Reivers

    The Ruardain Reivers are a Celtic Enactment Society which portrays battles, lifestyle and crafts of the Dark Ages and the Iron Age. The Society travels all over Britain and occasionally abroad, presenting battles and living history.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Ruardain Reivers
    85 Healey Road
    Yorkshire, WF5 8LT


    The Sub-Culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation is a national, non-profit making organisation, set up to protect the rights of people holding minority beliefs and values from those who would undermine them. If you are a free thinker and value your independence and self determination, then it is essential that you join with us and support S.A.F.F. for communal action against suppression. Members donate time and resources, as well as what they can afford financially.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    6-8 Burley Lodge Road
    Yorkshire, LS6 1QP

    Save Our Sacred Sites

    Caring for Britain's ancient monuments. Offers a monthly newsletter on activities and events. Membership is available for:  individuals and groups.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Save Our Scared Sites
    9 Edward Kennedy House
    Wornington Road
    London, W10 5FP

    The South East London Folklore Society

    S.E.L.F.S. provide and open forum for anyone to use as a base for talks or workshops. The S.E.L.F.S. wish to promote unity through diversity and present a multitude of pathways rather that one of indifference or one of isolation. All are welcome to contact us.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    South East London Folklore Society
    B.M. Swordfish
    London, WC1N 3XX

    Tel: 0181 857 8596

    Stordale Asatru Hof

    The idea of the Stordale Asatru Hof arose when it became apparent that there was a definite need for a stronger and more coherent organisation of Odinists in the West Mercia region. Not only to provide a medium for such an affiliation of independent groups and individuals, but also to become a representative body for local Asatruar, better able to deal with and respond to the many factors which bear upon the ancestral troth.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Stordale Asatru Hof
    22 Castle Road
    Kidderminster, DY11 6TS

    Survival International

    Survival International is a world-wide movement to support tribal peoples. It stands for their right to decide their own future and helps them protect their lands, environment and way of life.

    For further information send a SAE to:

    Survival International
    11-15 Emerald Street
    London, WC1N 3QL

    Tel: 0171 242 1441

    Tribe of Mercia

    The Tribe of Mercia are an independent Northern Path (Asatru) group, based in the West Midlands. The aim of the group is to provide a point of contact in the West Midlands, to inform and enlighten both Pagans and the public about the Northern Path and allied Issues.

    Membership is free and open to all living in the West Midlands and surrounding areas.

    For further information contact:

    Tribe of Mercia and the web site is currently





Throughout their history, the British Celts produced many fine works of art. The hallmark of their work is that every sculpture, tool, vessel, weapon, or other implement is decorated with intricate and abstract patterns.



Unsworth, Rice and Coe - at the junction with Streatham Street and Bloomsbury
Street, London.  This bookshop specialises in history and the humanities and has an unusual selection of occult material under the religious books.

Atlantis Books - Museum Street, London - a specialist in new and secondhand occult material. As well as books across the whole spectrum of esoterica, they also sell a range of Pagan magazines and newsletters.

The Tibet Shop, Bloomsbury Way, London - sells books, tapes and crafts as well as providing up-to-date information on Tibet-related campaigns.

Skoob Two,  Sicilian Avenue - a mostly secondhand bookshop which also publishes some unusual occult material.

New World Aurora, Neals Yard, London - purveyors of all things twinkly and New Age music; Neals Yard Apothecary, who stock every herb and oil you could possibly want, and then some; and various healing places, self-development centres and the like.

Mysteries, Neals Yard, London,  - a huge  occult and New Age shop selling books, cards, jewellery, oils, incense, periodicals etc.

Dover Bookshop, Earlham Street, London - publish cheap, out-of-copyright books. their range includes translations of books such as the Malleus Maleficarum, folklore and mythology and books of old woodcuts and illustrations, including special volumes of mythological creatures and witchcraft images.

Watkins,  Cecil Court, London, - a specialist occult bookshop. The ground floor has new books and an impressive range of tarot cards; the basement contains a fascinating selection of secondhand and antiquarian books.

Silver Moon, Charing Cross Road, London  -  a women's bookshop. They have a wide range of women's spirituality and Goddess-related publications in the basement, plus jewellery of big goddesses, moons, etc. Some of the other shops on this row are also worth a browse.

Books Etc, Charing Cross Road, London - occult section in the basement;

Waterstones, Charing Cross Road, London  - has Occult Section on the first floor;

Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London - their occult material is on the third floor tucked away in a small room behind the religious books.

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