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Our 10 Dynion Mwyn Principles

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We are Dynion Mwyn.  We need a big and challenging dream to strive for and to move us forward.  Building the most sustainable Tradition in a better world is what's important to us.

Dreaming big takes the same amount of energy as thinking small.  We will be the size of our dreams.

Our dream is credible so we can commit to it.  It will require hard work on our part; hard work with passion and a sense of purpose.

Our dream has consequences: we want to be the best tradition, good is not good enough.

We must work with elders to ensure we help foster a spiritual environment.

We must offer the truth and knowledge to those who can understand and we must commit to preserving and protecting the environment.


We are Dynion Mwyn.  Great Traditions are formed by great people.  They are behind everything we do and are our sustainable advantage.

Great people attract more of the same, but the reverse is also true.

Leaders keep the paths clear, constantly creating the environment, the opportunities and the challenges for the best people to progress at the pace of their talent and the degree of their commitment.

Great people are attracted to MERITOCRACY, OPENNESS and CANDOR:

MERITOCRACY: The best people grow faster and become more knowledgeable than the average seeker.  Their rewards and opportunities are earned through their contribution to our success and not something they are entitled to because of their seniority.

OPENNESS:  we can all challenge each other as long as we do it constructively and respectfully.  None of us has hidden agendas and as initiates we do whats best for the tradition. We should take it personally when we are challenged.  Healthy conflicts are good for Dynion Mwyn.

CANDOR: People deserve regular and honest feedback at regular intervals.  To receive an honest appraisal is everyones right in Dynion Mwyn.  Our initiates need to know where they stand.


We are Dynion Mwyn.  We must select students who have the potential to become better than us, not only to help build our community but also help us achieve our goals and prepare our replacements.  Without successors, the Tradition dies.

Our leaders need to ensure they have time for student seekers: to attract, to develop and to motivate.  They don't delegate this responsibility.

We facilitate our students growth by providing opportunities that stretch them beyond where they thought they would go, taking them out of their comfort zone.


We are Dynion Mwyn.  We are never completely satisfied with the results of our rituals, of our worship, and of our teaching.  Focus and zero-complacency guarantee a lasting commitment.

Results, delivered within our ethical framework are what count.

Our focus on results help us devote time and energy to what is essential to the Tradition, and our goals align us around these priorities.  A few things executed well are better than many things done poorly.

The means (How we get things done) are important to getting results faster, more efficiently and sustainably.  But, means without results don't mean anything.  We don't waste our time trying to re-invent the wheel.  We copy it..

A healthy dissatisfaction with our results keeps us in pursuit of the next level and a step ahead.  We celebrate our wins and recognize those who helped us achieve them, but always with an eye on the next challenge.

Hard work is critical to success.  There is no Great Tradition without Great, Hard working initiates.