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Volume 6 Issue No. 3 starSpring Equinox, Issue starMarch, 2011

Witchcraft and Wicca

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Recommended Books

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Welcome to our recommended reading list and bookstore! We have read the books listed below and believe they have information that will further your knowledge and capabilities in learning the practice of Witchcraft and the Pagan religion. We plan to add to this list on a regular basis.

Open bookModern seekers are avid readers and always eager for new insights and information. The books listed will be very familiar to many readers. But, some titles will be unfamiliar to seekers outside of the United Kingdom. The main point of this selection is that it will provide readers a number of gateways to the work of both familiar and unfamiliar writers whose ideas will, I believe, help to enrich the experience of anyone brought up on endless books about crystals and chakras.

We have divided the list of books into several sections: The initial Tylwyth Teg Reading List,   Introductory Craft BooksIntermediate Craft Books, Advanced Craft Books   and  Reference Craft Books.  We have also collected titles from specific recommended authors such as Gerald GardnerDoreen Valiente,   Margaret MurrayRay BucklandAlex SandersFred LamondVivianne Crowley,   Janet and Stewart FarrarRonald HuttonYvonne AburrowKate West and others; and  specialized books on DruidryAstrology,   Celts,  Survival,   Tarot and Palmistry. This will help those who are just beginning the pathway as well as provide a more in-depth education for those who are more well informed.

If your local bookstore does not carry a particular title, or cannot locate it for you, try the public library. If you still can't find it, click on the title and order it directly through Amazon Books. 

Through our affiliation with Amazon Books, you can buy copies of a large number of these titles directly from their Web Amazon.com -- Books around the world!site, although not all titles are available at Amazon yet. For those that can be ordered, click on the book's title. You will be taken directly to Amazon's order form for that book. You won't be committed to your purchases until you enter your credit card information. If you have questions about Amazon's ordering, please contact Amazon Orders. It's that simple. Just bookmark this page first so you can find us again! And sincere thanks to those of you who order directly from the link on this page. We appreciate your kindness and support.

If you have any comments on any book which appears on this list, please e-mail us.

Please note: If you purchase any of these books, we are not authorized to answer your questions about Amazon orders or about using the Amazon.com system. Instead, contact Amazon.com.

Check out the authors and books listed below!  Just click on the underlined words.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Dynion Mwyn Reading List (our beginning students obtain and/or read these books before they are initiated)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Beginning Books in Studying Wiccae and Witchcraft

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Intermediate Books in Studying Wiccae and Witchcraft

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Advanced Books in Studying Wiccae and Witchcraft

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Wiccae and Witchcraft Research Books

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Books about Alex and Maxine Sanders (Founders of Alexandrian Witchcraft and responsible for the widespread adoption of Wicca in the U.K.)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Books by Doreen Valiente (Worked directly with Gerald Gardner as his High Priestess)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Books by Fred Lamond

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Books by Ed Fitch (One of the founders of the Pagan Way movement and very influential in increasing the interest in Wicca and Paganism in the 70s and 80s.)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Books by Gerald Gardner (The founder of the Wicca tradition of Witchcraft)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Books by Janet and Stewart Farrar  (Have done a great deal to reveal the philosophy and beliefs of the Alexandrian tradition of Wicca.)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Books by Margaret Murray  (Quoted a great deal in discussions of pre Gardnerian Witchcraft)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Books by Ronald Hutton  (One of the best single sources for information on the History of Witchcraft and Paganism in the U.K.)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan Books by Ray Buckland  (Responsible for helping to introduce Gardnerian Wicca into the U.S. for the first time)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Books by Viviane Crowley  (High Priestess of both Alexandrian and Gardnerian Witchcraft)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Books by Kate West

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Raven Grimassi

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Yvonne Aburrow

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Barnes and Noble On-Line Bookstore

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Celtic Books (Excellent source of books which deal with the Celtic Tradition)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Survival Books  (Very Comprehensive reading List)

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Astrology Books

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Tarot Books

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Palmistry Books




The Sword of Dynion Mwyn

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