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Volume 6 Issue No. 3 starSpring Equinox, Issue starMarch, 2011


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Coven of Welsh Dragon. Welsh group in Marietta/Atlanta, and reaching out for new members. Welsh/Celtic orientation. Shamanistic. Write Lady Boudicca - Coven of the Welsh Dragon c/o P.O. Box 673206, Marietta GA 30006-0036





The Sword of Dynion Mwyn

The Sword provides news, views, and other information primarily of and for the students, members and friends of The Welsh Tradition of Dynion Mwyn and selected members of the International Pagan Community. The Sword is the official journal of the Church of Dynion Mwyn, and has a section which is devoted to the Southeastern Pagan Alliance (SEPA). We are primarily interested in news of topical interest, and articles pertaining to Witchcraft, Wicca, the Occult and Paganism. Deadline for the Beltane, 2005 issue is April 1, 2005. All submissions must include legal name and address. Names will be withheld or magickal names substituted on request. Subscription lists, names, addresses, etc. are not given out or sold. The Sword of Dynion Mwyn may mail advertisements on behalf of approved advertisers. All news and articles should be submitted by the 1st of the month proceeding the issue date.

The Sword is published at the eight sacred festivals of the year during the months of: December, February, March, May, June, August, September, and November.

Circulation: 65,249


  • Managing Editor: Lady Gwen Boudicca
  • Contributing Editors:  Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr, Lady Arialora,

Content: The ideas expressed herein are those of the authors and not those of The Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn, it's covens and groves (except where noted), nor the editors of The Sword of Dynion Mwyn. We will not knowingly print oath-bound material, gossip, or rumors. The Sword of Dynion Mwyn cannot vouch for any product, services, or contact identified herein. The Sword of Dynion Mwyn reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that it finds inappropriate.

Address: Dynion Mwyn, P.O. Box 673206, Marietta, Georgia 30006-0036 -- e-mail to dynionmwyn23@hotmail.com

Printed Subscription: Students and members of Dynion Mwyn receive a free subscription; SEPA members and all others receive a free subscription with a donation of $15 or more to the Church of Dynion Mwyn.

Copyright 2011, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn, Inc. All rights reserved.


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