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Wicca Na hEireann The homepage of Janet and Stewart Farrar, and Gavin Bone.  This is an excellent Web Page filled with Pagan information, articles, and contact information. You better look!!

An Fainne, The Dublin Moot A highly informative Web Page with the latest information about the moot as well other events and news. Has articles, book reviews, and a mailing list. Follow this link now!

The Coven Of The Silver Wheel Of The Stars The Home Page of a Dublin Ireland based coven, with info about themselves and miscellaneous pagan topics.

The Grove Of Sinann The pages of the Grove of Sinann, a beautiful centre located in County Leitrim

Pagan Ireland A delightful website where Bev's 'Fables of Experience' outline his personal touch to the magic, which he calls Instinctive Craft. Regularly updated site with news & views from Castle Pook

The Plug-in Pagan pages Good site with lots of info and articles about paganism

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There are a multitude of sites related to Irish  art, language, music, and traditions with many more coming online all the time. Some sites maintain excellent links to the best Celtic web pages.


book Here is a Irish reading list which contains some of the most important books on the Irish and Irish topics. These are the best introductory texts available. Many of these books can be found in different editions. The copyright dates shown here are for specific editions that I own or have read.

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The Irish peoples emerged as a distinct group about 2-4000 years ago. Unfortunately, because they did not have a written language as we do, most of the knowledge about their culture comes from archeological finds and speculation derived from folklore, legends and dubious history.


The Irish People certainly have some colorful mythology. As they encountered, conquered, and were subjugated by other cultures, they found parallels between their stories and the stories of other peoples. Rather than accepting one mythology and discarding the other, the Irish People had a habit of intertwining the two to produce a hybrid mythology that survives today in the folk tales and songs of Ireland



Throughout their history, the Irish Celts produced many fine works of art. The hallmark of their work is that every sculpture, tool, vessel, weapon, or other implement is decorated with intricate and abstract patterns.




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