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Thursday Afternoon, December 9, 1999. Our director receives a Death Threat from someone calling himself Lord Delusion (a couple of his first notes came from: lordquinnofchaos@mailexcite.com) His e-mail address resolved to a Eddie Sheill in Liverpool England.  His e-mail note threatened to kill Lord Rhuddlwm and staff, and destroy Y Dynion Mwyn.  (We know it came from the above e-mail address because after we sent a reply to the threatening e-mail, he replied.  Very dumb of him.) 

In our work with Religious Rights groups, we are exposed to the ire of a great number of politicians, ministers, and other individuals and groups.  We just normally use common sense and safety precautions when we are in public, have a burglar alarm, and participate in a neighborhood watch.  We just did not think our problems would end up coming from the Internet.

An analysis of all notes and replies sent by said Lord Delusion shows that they contain words and phrases which reference actions connected to supporters of a so called "Welsh Witchcraft" group in Wales, which were only known by lord Rhuddlwm and said group, showing a very high probability that the attack involved individuals who may have been associated with said group.  In fact, one of the messages posted to a hacker group was traced to Lord Delusion by two people, a hacker in England and a Hacker in the US.  

We have placed the threatening notes at:


We have learned from various sources that this so called assassination plot was supposed to be done by stealing our e-mail address to subscribe to porno sites, Group News, and other Spam type sites.  They were going to use our e-mail address to send insults to various individuals and hackers news groups with the hope that they would innocently be sucked in to this major difference in philosophy, and attack us physically and virtually.  In other words, they are conning a third party to do their dirty work for them.

We are warning anyone who has maliciously, illegally, unethically, and improperly used our e-mail address, Rhuddlwm's e-mail address, or any e-mail address associated with Rhuddlwm or Y Dynion Mwyn, that we have informed the proper authorities of who we suspect of doing such a terrible thing.

We are also informing you that there are certain people out there who are doing very nasty things with e-mail addresses, and when you receive a note from us, OR ANYONE, make sure you look at the full header to be sure it is really who they say they are.

For you hackers out there, who have been taken in by these people, if you wish to contact me and get the complete story, contact me.

We have always been of the opinion that there are terrible people out there, and they will rape and maim and kill in order to get what they want.  But we never thought we would be the recipient of such an attack and from so-called Pagans yet!!

UPDATE:  December 23, 1999.   It was alleged by the person calling himself Lord Delusion (the person who allegedly  sent the note threatening us) that the Cult, Ysgoywan, and their leader Ioan, the Cult group, in Wales that has been referred to previously are wholly and partially responsible for the Internet threat.  According to a note sent by someone identifying himself as Lord delusion, the Wales group requested that he cause attacks to occur against the Dynion Mwyn web site; that he use Dynion Mwyn e-mail addresses to insult hackers on their news group, thereby causing the hackers to attack the Dynion Mwyn Web Server; and that he use various other "Internet terrorist" methods to disrupt communications and cause Dynion Mwyn and it's staff  mental and physical harm.  We have a copy of a Note that this person is being accused of putting up on a Hacker newsgroup which uses insulting language trying to get the Hackers to respond against our site. 

We have dozens of copies of pages of slander that the Welsh group has placed on their web site since January 1999, as well as articles concerning blood sacrifice, the worship of Satan, and Kali ( the deity worshipped by an assassin cult) which they later removed after we called the pagan community's attention to it.

Since to further acknowledge this "Welsh Witchcraft" group will only give them visibility, we are meeting with dozens of leaders to "send them to Coventry" on December 31, 1999.  We have also turned over all past correspondence involving them and their members, to the British and Canadian authorities, and are letting them handle it.   If any individual would like the history of this slander (although for the life of me we don't know why) contact Cerridwen after Jan 1, 2000.  We will also still send a notice to everyone, when we confirm that the actions of these people have been addressed by the legal authorities.  

UPDATE: December 31, 1999:  By a majority vote, based on evidence presented by several witnesses, the Welsh group identified as Ysgoywan, has been sent to Coventry for their actions in accordance with ancient traditional craft law.  No Traditional Witch will speak to them or acknowledge their existence from this moment on.  We realize that this act is largely symbolic, since we cannot physically control who speaks to them.  But we know that those that we call friends are supporting this action.  Thank you all.

UPDATE  January 4, 2000.  Lord Delusion has again sent us notes in the form of entries in our Guestbook.  We will leave them for a short time so all can read them, and then delete them.  Several people have sent nasty notes asking why we should even acknowledge him when he has done such a thing, but to be fair, we think all should be aware of this fellows character and mental state.  he has sent us letters supposedly from friends but using one of his own e-mail alias, telling us how pitiful he is and how he hurts.  He has sent us notes denying responsibility, threatening us, and asking us to call him.  On the advice of counsel, we are not supposed to even acknowledge him.  When things have progressed a little further, we are going to see if they will extradited him to the U.S. on a death threat charge

UPDATE: January 19, 2000.   Lord Rhuddlwm announced this morning that he has also communicated the situation to the proper authorities of the merseyside police dept.  in England.  He is awaiting a report.

UPDATE: February 1, 2000.   Lord Rhuddlwm announced that he had received a request for documents and messages with all headers yesterday from the Metro Police of London (Scotland Yard) to send such documents to the Merseyside Police.  We are organizing the documents and are sending over hard copies.   We had sent a great deal of it by e-mail attachments.  Lord Rhuddlwm is getting discouraged, but we feel that as soon as they receive the additional information, they will do what is needed.  Lord Rhuddlwm just returned a few days ago from New York where he met someone else who was victimized by Lord Delusion.

UPDATE: October 1, 2001. Lord Rhuddlwm continues to receive phone threats and internet threats which they have forwarded to the proper authorities.  They have also continuously received harassing e-mail and slander from a group called Feri Gold and an Individual named Betsy Ashby, on the internet  Both of these entities have been known to try to threaten and coerce their perceived enemies.  We are Betsy's enemy because we caught her plagiarizing our site and slandering our name, and because she doesn't like competition.   She plagerized the name of our gathering after attending one of our gathering of the Tribes festivals and then began telling everyone we were no longer having Gatherings.   Feri Gold seems to be a group or individual with an exaggerated sense of their own importance. They have claimed that we have plagiarized pages from obscure documents which in most cases they won't identify, and when they point to documents on our page, they do not exist.   The FBI was contacted in regard to both groups and they and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation will probably deal with these people in their own good bureaucratic time. 

If any person knows ANYONE in England, Wales or Canada, who calls himself Lord Delusion, or ANYONE else who you think is slandering us and blatantly lying about our tradition, please contact me. We want all the evidence we can get to silence these scum before they can hurt anyone else.

"We are offering a monetary reward for information leading to the prosecution of these individuals for death threats, fraud, slander, and interference with Internet communications"...Y Dynion Mwyn staff 




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