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The Wisconsin Pagan Page is not associated with any particular group or coven.  We are hosted by three groups who donate space on their server.  We are an educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Pagans, Witches and Witchcraft in Wisconsin.  Witchcraft and/or Wicca are legally recognized religions in the United States and it is our mission to protect their rights through education and awareness.

It is our belief that Wisconsin Pagans are generally good people!  By keeping abreast of the latest news and updated information, as well as having ready access to critical resource tools, we, as Witches and Pagans, can not only empower ourselves, but we can develop programs to educate our local Wisconsin towns and cities on who we are and what we do.

For information contact Lady Boudicca at:

The Wisconsin Pagan Page was created to:

1.  Act as a Contact source for Wisconsin Pagan peoples, religious bodies, Councils and associated groups and individuals as defined later on this page.

2.  Facilitate contact and interaction between Wisconsin Pagans and groups and interested members of the public.

3.  Provide information to persons interested in Pagan religions as represented by our contact page.

4.  Provide access to various newsletters, books, magazines and other materials of a religious and/or educational nature through our links.

6.  Voluntarily support, research, and promote the religious arts, sciences, concepts and teachings of the various religious groups and traditions associated with the Wisconsin Pagan Page.

7.  Help Wisconsin Pagan Churches and other Pagan organizations establish, foster and maintain Pagan sanctuaries, gathering sites and other places of worship in accordance with the traditions, rights and practices of the various churches associated with the contact page.

8.  Aid and foster Pagan individuals and groups wherever they may be found.

9.  Support interdenominational Pagan schools of religious instruction by which Pagan religions may train their clergy.

11. Assist Wisconsin Pagan churches to acquire legal status with International, Federal, State and Local Governments.

12. Provide a means whereby Wisconsin Pagan churches which are separated from contact with each other may exchange ideas.

13. Provide a means whereby all Wisconsin Pagan religions may have an official, moral and legal standing among other Wisconsin religions and in society at large.

14. Provide a means by which like minded Wisconsin citizens may unite with the idea of true freedom of religion.

15. Increase cooperation among Wisconsin Pagans.

16. Secure for Wisconsin Pagans, Witches, Covens and Groves, the legal protection enjoyed by members of other Wisconsin religions.

The Wisconsin Pagan Page provides enhanced communications between Pagans throughout Wisconsin and the Southeast.  It also provides a buffer between Pagan groups and other religious organizations, helping to create the needed dialogue between religions.  The Wisconsin Pagan Page recognizes the diversity of beliefs within the philosophies of all Pagan and Wiccan traditions.  This diversity makes us unique and viable, and will be preserved at all costs.

Members of the Wisconsin Pagan Community practice a variety of positive life affirming faiths that are dedicated to healing the people of the Earth as well as the Earth herself.  As such, the Wisconsin Pagan Page does not advocate or condone any acts that victimize others, including those proscribed by law.   We absolutely condemn the practices of child abuse, sexual abuse, and other forms of abuse that does harm to the bodies, minds or spirits of individuals.   The Wisconsin Pagan Page does not acknowledge the Christian "Satan," who is not in our religious pantheon.  Wisconsin Pagans do not practice "Black Magick," or the desecration of any person, place or thing.  The Wisconsin Pagan Page does not agree with or condone the practice of Satanism.  Pagans are not Satanists and do not believe in the concept of a devil.

The structure of the Wisconsin Pagan Page is made up of those who participate in its continuation.

There is only one level of "membership".   Those who list themselves on the contacts page. There is no charge for "membership".  Neither is there a charge to be listed. We subsist by efforts of volunteers.

The Wisconsin Pagan Page is NOT a forum for a particulat group.  The Wisconsin Pagan Page is a group of Wisconsin Pagans and Neo_Pagans; not Satanists, not Christian, not Buddhist, etc.  We accept organizations and individuals as listees who accept the following five general elements of belief:

1. One must have an attunement with, a Love for and a kinship with Nature rather than the more customary attitude of being separate from and manifesting aggression and domination over nature.

2. One must have a reverence and respect for the life force and its ever renewing cycles of life and death.

3. One must follow a Pagan Ethic similar to: "Do whatever you want as long as the purpose of the action is not to harm another in body, mind or spirit, except in self defense."

4. Each and every individual must accept responsibility for his or her own actions and words (the devil did not make you do it!).

5. One doesn’t have to accept the polarity of Nature but one must declare oneself to be a Pagan.

We offer Pagan Political Neutrality to all God/Goddess Earth_Based Traditions and Solitary Practitioners that follow a similar, Code of Ethics to that stated above.

How Can You Be involved in The Wisconsin Pagan Page?:   Help us to keep the right to religious freedom of Wisconsin Pagans viable for future generations by volunteering your time and energy.  Due to the donation of Web Space, we will not need financial support for the forseeable future.  But, there is a great deal of work to do.  Even if all you can manage right now is to submit letters and articles involving Wisconsin Pagan issues, that will help to make more Wisconsin Pagans aware of the importance of networking.


Please read our Terms & Conditions for downloading, copying, printing, & linking.


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For information on all individuals and organizations listed in this website, or the name of a contact person in your area that can give you further information on the Religious Freedom Coalition of the Southeast, or the First Amendment Coalition, contact us at Let us hear from you!

You may also call us at 000-000-0000 If you access our voice mail, we will call you back collect if long distance.

Or, you can write to: Dynion Mwyn, P.O. Box 673206, Marietta, GA 30006-0036

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