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The Alabama Pagan Page is an educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Pagans, Witches and Witchcraft in General and Y Dynion Mwyn specifically.  Witchcraft and/or Wicca are legally recognized religions in the United States and it is our mission to protect their rights through education and awareness.

It is our belief that Pagans are generally good people!  By keeping abreast of the latest news and updated information, as well as having ready access to critical resource tools, we, as Witches and Pagans, can not only empower ourselves, but we can develop programs to educate our local towns and cities on who we are and what we do.

For information contact Rich and Rika at Alabama Witchcraft.


If you wish to be listed on the Alabama Contact Page, please send the following information by e-mail to :

  • Name of Group or person
  • Name of Contact
  • Name and Type of Tradition (if any)
  • Meeting times
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  • E-mail address
  • Home page URL
  • Description of your religious purpose and beliefs

Groups or individuals from out of state need to apply to our National Contact list (How do I meet Witches or Find a Coven?)



Dynion Mwyn Grove.  Contact us Here.    

star Click Here to Join Dynion Mwyn Witchcraft Study Group

star Click Here For Dynion Mwyn Witchcraft Correspondence Course


star CLICK HERE to contact Moderators Rik and Rika about joining Dynion Mwyn

starClick Here to email Laura Roberts, National DM Contact

star Also see Witchvox's Alabama listing for teen groups, college groups, and new groups forming.


star Church of the Spiral Tree based in Auburn, holds rituals for each of the sabbats and full moons.

star Crow, 5007 23rd Blvd., Valley, AL, 36854, 334-756-0130
I'm 29 and a solitary hearthwitch dedicated to Brigid.

star Don Branum, 1735 Saint Charles Ave., Montgomery, AL 36107-1537, 334-832-4225

star Gwalchmai and Pelayah Moore, Montgomery, AL, Email:
We are Second Degree English Gardnerians.

star Jim Overstreet, 230 Noble Ave., Montgomery, AL 36104, Email:
Phone: (334) 467-0754
We are christian witches emphasizing the interaction between this world and the Underworld as well as the truth that christianity and witchcraft are not opposed to one another, rather christianity is a fine tuning of sorts for witchcraft as designed by God, not concieved of anger and jealousy, but of displeasure and zeal on God's behalf. We teach that our thoughts are not our own, but the guidance and direction of our ancestory. Our function is to choose who's line of thought we follow, or put our faith in. Our decision determines end-wellment. We believe in an eternal existence for all, and that existence is directly determined by our faith, what we believe in, not what we say we believe in, but what we live in, what we live for. We teach that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that the miracle of Christ and his teachings were not designed or intended to destroy Witchcraft, but to enhance it. Man alone is responsible for the atrocities. Above all, we teach to love God with all of your heart and love you're neighbor as you love yourself. If you believe in this, you find yourself doing what thou wilt, harming none. Do not err, children, for we serve the God of life everlasting, not of eternity.

star Kathryn Lane, Auburn, AL, 334-887-0258, Email:

star Michele, Prattville, AL 36830, 334-233-5750, Email:
Eclectic Wiccan since about 1986. Grew up with Native American folklore overtones in everything. Curious about everything and everyone. All emails welcome. About to study herbalism. And going back to college ASAP...don't ask my major...Because when it comes to knowledge I am like a kid in a candy store! I also do freelance web & graphic design.

star Phoenix Fyre, 16 Tiger Trailer Park, Auburn, AL 36832, 334-502-5285, Email:
I hail from no particular sect of Wicca, although you could say that my "tradition" is one of question and answer. My Path is a continuous search for knowledge; you could say "the hunt is all." I work mainly with Egyptian deities, although I will incorporate anything which seems to shine into my belief system. I enjoy both learning and teaching, though I'm much better at fielding specific questions than coming up with a lesson plan on my own. I am the Education Co-director for PACT- the Pagans in Action Counsel for Truth. My main deities are Bast/Pasht, Sehkmet, Anubis, and Thoth. I dream of opening a Pagan library one of these days, and I love to collect books. I'm fascinated by languages- particularly the ones which have a foreign alphabet. Currently, I'm learning Japanese, Hieroglyphics, and Braille. I have one beautiful feline companion, and I feed and care for all the stray cats in my area. I also practice calligraphy, and I'm a total pyromaniac -. My latest obsession is Japanese animation, and I am a die-hard otaku. I'm bisexual and polyamorous, and very friendly. May the Flame of Life burn bright within you.

star Rachel, Auburn, AL, 334-728-0121, Email:

star Rhonda, Prattville, AL, Email:
Greetings my name is Rhonda but the magickal name I chose because I'm a Cancer and a moon child is Lenoramoon. I'm also a big Edgar Alan Poe fan. Lol Never more Elenor. I live in Prattville, AL. If you want to know more get to know me a bit better and I may give you the actual location of my cobwebby draped corridors =) You can reach me by dropping an email to me. Please address your email P-ville pagan so I'll know to answer right away. =) I'm sorry but I don't offer my phone number openly at first but if you email and talk with me for a bit I usually happily exchange phone numbers after a while. I'm a solitary Wiccan and I follow paths of Celtic, Shaman, Dragon, and Fairy but I'm not limited to them I'm always seeking and try what to me feels right. I've been self intitiated since about 4 yrs now. I learn through books of Silver Ravenwolfe, Scott Cunningham and what ever else I pick up that feels right. I know a lot consider Silver Ravenwolfe to be too commercial and fluff bunny and that maybe in some cases but I'm still a huge fan of hers I the reason is I can connect to her motherly best friend attitude that she creates with her readers. She makes me feel comfortable offers a few laughs and still gets the message across. I would consider myself still to be a newbie of sorts because I always find there is so much still for me to learn and discover.. I don't have a coven or study group but would like much to start one in the Prattville area. If you would like to get together and study or shoot the breeze or maybe hang out email me and we will see what can be worked up.=) . I like meeting new people and I believe it would be a whole lot fun. My special interests to is to love the earth and take care of her while I enjoy this lifetime with family, friends and my many many fuzzy familiars. LOL ( I love animals I have 2, dogs, 8 cats, Some gold fish and guppies) Hobbies. I love to do arts and crafts of any type but many enjoy sculpting, drawing and painting fantasy themed subjects. I also enjoy gardening, photography, video games, movies, writing and editing for my husband (Rip1964) he writes supernatural and horror. ( He has been published with a book entitled The Keeper of Fools.) I mostly write poetry and children's books (I have had two poems so far publish by the National Library of Poetry) Personal info... I'm a redheaded blue to green eyed 32 yr. old happily married for 17 long years Mother of three. LOL I have been blessed with two boys and 1 girl ages 15,11,10 they are my sunshine on rainy days.

star Chief RedArrow, Bird Clan of East Central Alabama, Free Cherokee, Beulah, AL (near Auburn)
URL: rrow/spiritual.html
Chief of the Bird Clan and practice Native American Shamanism. Pipe carrier, a Vision Quest Guide and pour sweatlodges. SerpentStone Elder dedicated to the Pathways of the Spirit (, "All Paths are Sacred."

star Sandra -- Southern Star, 527 Dalraida Road, Montgomery, AL 36109, 334-244-9506
Merry meet! My husband and I have a showroom displaying incenses, resins, crystals, ritual garments, bells, altar supplies, custom handmade items, bottles, etc. We are open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am til 9pm , 4th Saturdays from noon til 4pm and other times by appointment. My husband is a blacksmith and custom makes tripods, cauldron handles, banner and lantern poles and "what-have-yous". Look for the solar disk in front of the white house with rust-colored shutters. Call or e-mail for more info.

star ScarletLocust, Montgomery, AL, Email:
I am a young 52 year old eclectic Pagan/Wiccan and have been a practicing solitary for about 7 years since after a 2 year period in a coven. I am interested in the Celtic tradition but not exclusively. I am just beginning to find myself again after the termination of a long term relationship. I enjoy reading, especially Marian Zimmer Bradley. I also enjoy cooking with exotic herbs and spices, outdoor activities (when the mosquitos aren't so bad!), archery and swimming. I am fairly new to Montgomery and am intrested in meeting other Pagans in the area to share information and ideas with. My goal is to rediscover my true will. Blessed be!

star Pantheon is the Auburn State University Student Pagan Association, with a mailing list, rituals, and events.

star Veronica's Room - An Aromatherapy Company, 1048 Woodley Road, Montgomery, AL 36106, 334-834-9300, Email:, URL:
We are a full service Aromatherapy & acupuncture clinic. We have herbs, Essential oils, candles, diffusers, imported teas and accessories.


star Drudwyn....Moody, Alabama....Email: URL:
Blessed be.

star Eric aka "Emrys", Birmingham, AL  Email:
I haven't been studying for long, and I am looking for a teacher and or guide. So far I have studied a bit of Wicca and and mostly Focused on Celtic Shamanism. I am a student at Birmingham-Southern College. I enjoy music, storytelling, acting, writing, yoga, and many other things. Blessed Be.

star Ivey Brown, Birmingham, AL, Email: URL:
Graphic designer and writer...eclectic solitary...

star Kati McGowan, Columbiana, AL Phone: 205-669-9495 Email:
I am an Eclectic Solitary Pagan, Though my beliefs steer more towards science and quantum physics. I've been Studying Paganism since I was about 9. I'm no authority on it though, and constantly seek knowledge. I've not met another even similar in my beliefs. But Seek to. I've noticed lack of religious tolerance in my area and hope to find more information on what others like myself do here in Alabama. My on-line name is Kayti - But I don't use chats or IMs. But would if needed. I do have a magickal Name, but I've never uttered it to another. My Magickal name was given to me during a very deep and enlightening meditation. I's meaning to me depicts all that I am. I welcome any positive Contacts.

star Shawn Williams, Birmingham, AL 35205, Email:
Hello, it's hard for me to sum up all the wild, enchanted, mystical, dervish, attributes of myself but I'll do my best. Basically, I'm Pagan, Male 27 (Gay.) Occasionally I do rituals but mostly I'm interested in the Quasi-Mental transcendental focal points of the soul. I'm an experienced Tarot reader and have studied the Runes a little. I'm very into Herbalism and strongly believe in the spiritual power of plants and animals. Since I'm a Capricorn I've always felt a strong connection to Mother Earth. I love Black Cats and birds of all kind. My strongest Psychic abilities are Presentience and Clairvoyant. Since I was a small child I have been fascinated with the Craft and Magik, however I do not practice or believe in Satanism. I grew up in a Southern Baptist religion and spent many years re-learning the wisdom and knowledge that I came into the world with. I believe that all the great questions we have about life and spirituality are within every one of us it's just a matter of tapping the vein so to speak. I'm not in a Coven and have never been in one. I have friends that are and have been invited many times. I'm not opposed to Covens and have always considered myself of a "Wiccan" mind. So that's a little and maybe enough about me. Blessed Be...

star Circle of New Light in Birmingham

Dothan and Southeast

star Donna Devane/Manyfeather, 6456 Glen Lawrence Rd., Ashford, AL 36312, 334-899-3768
I moderate several lists on the uses of stones and crystals in meditation, healing. I offer an online store for those who can not find items near them. Those who live in my area are welcome to contact me for items or card readings, GIYAME treatments. This is a form of spiritual healing, helpful to open and energize the chakra systems, of benefit to those seeking wholeness, spiritual insights or direction. I do offer classes in GIYAME healing with certification as well as online classes for personal healing and meditation.

star Gwendolyn, Dothan, AL 36301, 334-718-4297, Email:
47 y/o Scorpio female. Priestess of the Coven of the Forest Moon. Training under Lady Galadriel of the Unicorn Tradition in Atlanta, GA. Founder and leader of the Wiregrass Pagan Alliance. Spouse and Lifemate of Oberon. Magickal Path: Unicorn Tradition. Personal Likes: I love openminded discussions and debates. Meeting other Pagan/Wiccan folks. Camping, reading and spending time with friends. Personal Dislikes: Fundies, even if they are pagan. Occupation: Women's Health Nurse Practitioner.

star Kim Whigham (Magickkgypsy), Abbeville, AL. 334-585-9879
I often visit the chat room on AOL Spiral Dance in the Life category. I am a 20 year old solitary eclectic witch. I am new to the craft I have only been studying for a couple of months now. I am looking for others in my area to study with and to meet. I am networking right now with a few Pagans in my area.

star Coven of the Forest Moon, Dothan, AL, Contact: Lady Gwendolyn, 334-718-4297
We are a closed eclectic Wiccan coven. Currently we are being mentored/trained by Lady Galadriel of the Unicorn Tradition and we will evolve to reflect that training. Legal Clergy and teaching available

star Wiregrass Pagan Alliance, Dothan, AL, Contact: Lady Gwendolyn, 334-718-4297
We are a group of pagans who meet for networking,discussions and community projects. People of any tradition are welcome so long as they follow a creed that is similar to or compatible with "An it harm none, do what you will" and are respectful of all other paths. Disrespect of people of different sexual orientation, color, gender, creed or social status will not be tolerated. Please bring an open mind and an open heart. We generally have a pot luck and love to meet other pagans. Hope you will be able to join us. Our current projects are collecting for the Battered Women's Shelter and the local food bank. This is a family group, with legal clergy, open circles, and teaching available.

star Wiregrass Pagan Kids, Dothan, AL, Contact: Lady Gwendolyn, 334-718-4297
Many parents have asked about providing some sort of activities or classes for children. This will be a group of parents/guardians participating with their children to hear stories, participate in seasonal crafts, learn songs and learn the importance of sharing our love of the Goddess and God with the next generation.

Pagan parents are less likely to raise their children in any faith rather than risking the school, day-care, extended family or ex-spouse finding out. These parents do this because they have no support group and because they aren't sure what to do. It is my goal to raise our children according to our faith just like any other parent who follows a Jewish, Muslum, Hindu, Buddhist etc faith. We teach our children that there is something wrong with being pagan when we fail to teach that faith.

This group will meet about one hour before the Wiregrass Pagan Alliance will meet. Once a month, on the second Sunday with a pot luck to follow.


star Brandy Moon, 99 Co. Rd. 216, Rainsville, AL 35986, 256-996-3501 (cell), Email:
Still learning. Willing to help. Anybody welcome.

star Donald Dalton, Decatur, AL 35603, 256-353-4520, Email:
I have been a Pagan for about 6 yrs. I am 2nd degree reiki. I do emotional healing by using the Mayan Tzolkin. I have channeled past lives for myself and others (I no longer practice this.) Have performed and taught chakra healing and cleansing as well as "being Psychic 101." I also give tarot readings and act as a guide for past life regressions. I have recently taken up astrology. I consider myself a "seeker of knowledge and experience." I do not currently have a coven or study group but I am open to possibly starting one. I am also open to teaching what I know but only to the truly interested student. I no longer wish to use my time with what I consider "Part-time pagans." Metaphysics aside, I am also a singer/songwriter and am working on moving to California (Los Angeles or San Francisco) That's about it .

star Faile Drakaina, Decatur, AL, Email:, URL: m
Member of Fire Harvest Circle (Florence, AL) since May 2000. Practicing since 1997 (I've been pagan all my life ... 1997's just when I figured it out!); Eclectic Wiccan with many different leanings, predominantly Greek, though I also work with Celtic, Polynesian, Hindu, Egyptian, and other pantheons. Moderator/coordinator of Alabama Pagan Book Discussion group (Yahoo! group: Always willing to meet other Decatur area pagans! Student at Athens State University; editor of campus newspaper (in the area? got good news? let me know!). Interests include runes, stones, and anything musical. Currently studying Middle Eastern/African rhythms; instruments of choice: djembe and voice! Fascinated by the history and lore of anything and everything.

star Fire Harvest Circle in Florence also has a mailing list.

star Spirit Winds based at Jacksonville State University. Email Amaterasu

star Huntsville Pagans, Huntsville, AL and surrounding North Alabama communities, Email:
URL: /

We are a group hoping to give the local pagan community a kick in the rear to start local, face to face meetings and gatherings as well as a Discussion/Study group to meet monthly.  For way too long the North Alabama Pagan community has been inactive and lurking in the broom closet. We are hoping to change that! If you would like to join and help plan and attend meetings, come on in!

We meet several times a month and are always open to new members (18+) Please take a look at our webpage for more info.

star Kimberleigh Brackett, 700 Pelham Road No., JSU Box #4432, Jacksonville, AL 36265  Email:   Eclectic Solitary looking for others to share and grow with. I am a single mother of two beautiful children. I enjoy reading, singing, and spending time with my children and a few close friends.

star Lydia Duke Bailey, known to the Gods as Emairelhd Aynjelle, Huntsville, AL, Phone: (256) 653-5498

Tradition: Specializing in Green Wicca, Nature-oriented worship, elementalism. I am training for clergy with the Correlian Wicca group (info at, I am currently on my 2nd degree. I have studied witchcraft with emphasis on herbalism for 5 1/2 years now and am active in the local Druid Community. I would be very happy to answer any and all questions, none unanswered - if I don't know I'll find someone who does! I also take students interested in introduction to witchcraft in general, up to 3 per year, I currently have only one, so I am looking for more students willing to learn and participate. I also run a donation-funded "familiar hotel" for practitioners in the area who don't want their precious pets exposed to the negative energy often found in public kennels. I have cared for anything from cats to frogs to parrots. Animals are kept in my home with their own room if necessary, in constant care. spread the word!

star Marion Smith... Maid Marion, Huntsville, AL, Email:

star Nikole, Vincent, AL 35178 ICQ: 115918318
I am an eclectic wiccan and have only been studying about 3 months. I am almost 15..will be next month and I am very shy. I am looking for wiccans like myself to talk with. I am still learning and do not know a lot of what others that have been studying the same amount of time know (that's bc of my parents). If you would like to talk to me, email me.

star Pamela Williams, 14959 County Road 66, Heflin, AL 36264, 256-748-2058, Email:
I've been actively involved in the Craft since the late 1970s. Currently very interested in exploring women's sacred drumming traditions. I live just off I-20, right on the Georgia/Alabama state line; own a home with lots of acreage; and look after three dogs, six cats, two birds, one snake, eight chickens and seven geese. Would love to get in touch with anyone who'd like to have fun drumming, dancing, and learning more about women's spirituality.

star Robin, Greenpond, AL, Email:
I've been studying Wica for about 2 years. Read a whole lot of books, practiced a few rituals, and ready to learn more!

star Samm Bartee, Indian Springs, AL, Email:
Solitary, very eclectic who really enjoys animals, nature and natural animal communication along with many other things. I am a female who is happily married to a non-Pagan in a very non-conflicted household. My Pagan roots started with my grandmother and my constant quest for knowledge on what else is out there.

star Steve Collins/Lord Senthor, 411 County Rd. 320, Muscadine, AL 36269, 256-748-4204
Email:, URL:

star Violet Jade, P.O. Box 55 Alton, AL 35210, Email:
Interests include herbs and natural healing, energies and chakras, stones, drumming, reading and traveling. I enjoy learning about different religions and cultures and my hobbies are always changing.


star  Cindy, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404, URL: Athens/Pantheon/7117/index.html
Tradition is solitary. I've been studying Wicca now for a little over a year. Still a babe in the woods.

star Magma, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, Email:


starApril Iris McLeod Rough, Grand Bay, AL, Email:


star Dennis Gann (Solitare), Hamilton, AL, 205-921-2063, Email:
I started my traditions in feary wicca, we have traced this back 27 generations n my family. I have followed this tradition all my life since birth. I have also investigated the three other sides of my heritage. This includes eclectic wicca, firey wicca, black magic, and Indian medicine. I am open to talk to anyone who wants to further their knowledge and take things seriously. I enjoy spending hours talking about the beliefs I have and the beliefs of others.

star Saelyn Samhainborn, Florence, AL, Email:
Fire Harvest Circle Coven:
FHC Alabama discussion list: e stcircle
I am an Eclectic Wiccan and member of Fire Harvest Circle Coven. We host a 15 week Wicca 101 class, open Esbats and Sabbats, drum classes, as well as a discussion group through Yahoo! Groups. If you are interested please feel free to contact me!

star Saja, Athens, AL, Email: or
I'm a 38 year old Wiccan female who has studied for over 20 years. I have been a solitary Witch all of my life, but would now like find others to worship with and possibly form a group or coven in my area. I have a wide range of interests aside from the craft. I love art and music and dabble in both. I'm a very easy going, honest person simply looking for others of like mind. If you'd care to know more, please send me an email and I will reply ASAP.

star Temple Zagduku is a spiritual tradition based in Alabama comprised of men and women who are dedicated to Lilitu, to themselves, and to each other.

star Universal Faith Temple in Summerdale hosts open circles, is a religious organization dedicated to the First Amendment in that freedom of religion means all religions. Our members vary across almost the entire spectrum of religions.



Welsh Witchcraft dragon


Alabama Pagans and Witches lancebar

Events Calendar
All these events are held in or near Alabama or Georgia.






Spring Sponsored by the Association of Cymry Wiccae. (ACW)  This year will include the Southeastern Pagan Alliance. (SEPA) Guest speakers, Workshops, Drumming, Bardic Singing.   Call 000-000-0000, or e-mail Rhuddlwm


Varies Open to All Positive Paths e-mail (706)864-0882


Varies Workshops, camping, etc. Phoenix Enterprises



Moondance will feature classes throughout the weekend on various topics, including dowsing, runes, the lunar trees, herbalism, and meditation. Other activities include an opening ritual, a pot-luck feast on Saturday night, and a Faerie Faith ritual to celebrate the dance of the seasons on Sunday night. All nights will feature bonfires, drumming, live music, dancing, and general revelry. We'll close Monday with a Give-Away Ceremony. The site is mostly primitive camping, clothing optional. Dogs and illegal substances are not allowed, but kids are welcome and encouraged. A very fun festival! The last one had over 250 people in attendance.

For more information please contact:
Linda Kerr, P.O. Box 186, Auburn, AL 36831, 334-821-4683,


Dragon Hills, Georgia (near Carrollton)


What is FallFling? A festival, a celebration of the fall season, and a chance to re-kindle old friendships and make new ones. What will we do?  We'll have dancing, drumming, and workshops, including Asatru, Reiki, drumming, and meditative dance (yes, you can hold a class too; see registration form); a pot-luck feast; and a ritual to celebrate the season. We'll close Sunday with a Giveaway.

For more information please contact:
Linda Kerr, P.O. Box 186, Auburn, AL 36831, 334-821-4683,

Near Gatlinburg, TN

October Guest speakers, Workshops, Drumming, Bardic Singing. One of the most important Samhain events in the southeast. Held in the Highlands of Tennessee near Gatlinburg. Excellent event. For more information, please send e-mail.


N/A Guest speakers, camping, ritual, music, drumming, worshops Serpentstone
P.O. Box 368
Chandler, NC 28715
Call (704) 667-8455

Metaphysical Stores





Design by Donna/The Blessed Bee Address: PO Box 2849, Norcross, GA 30091
Metaphysical on-line Store Phone: (770) 840-9620  Internet URL:
Welcome to Mystical Path, Orders processed through:

Triformis Inc.
7401 Kimberly Blvd #202
N. Lauderdale, FL 33068

Our mission is to provide quality metaphysical supplies at a low price. We carry Occult Books, Statues, Incense, Oils, Posters, and More! If you can not find something we will be happy to locate it for you! The site is always adding new merchandise, so check back often. Each month something is put on sale, just check our newsletter to find the deals!
Blessed Be!  Mystical Path
Phone: 954-720-0276 



Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore 5521 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30342 Books and Gifts celebrating the Human Spirit - Wisdom Circles (404) 255-5207  WebPage:
Miller's Rexall Drugs and Curios
87 Broad St, Atlanta Ga 30303 Home of hard to find unusual items since 1965Supplier of herbs, jewelry, incense, oils, candles, books, and more.  We supply information to all groups including Santeria, Wicca, pagans, Christian, Buddhist, Jews, et al. 404-523-8481 orders only 1-800-863-5654
Camelot's Curios 3464 Lawrenceville, Highway 29, Lawrenceville, GA 30244 Gifts (770) 931-3747
My Style Gifts 155 Powers Ferry Rd. SE, Marietta, GA Gifts (770) 973-7000
The Inner Space 185 Allen Road Rd.,
Atlanta, GA 30328
New Age Events - Used Book Room, Psychic Fairs (404) 252-4540
New Leaf Distributing Co. 401 Thornton Rd                 Lithia Springs, GA 30122-1557 Worlds largest wholesaler of Metaphysical, Spiritual and New Age Books, Music and Sideline Products. (770) 948-7845           Web Page:
Hoot Owl Attic Bookstore 185 Allen Rd., Roswell, GA In same buiding with The Inner Space  
Star Sapphire 3600 Cherokee St., Kennesaw, GA 30144 1/2 mile west of I-75 (exit 118) (770) 919-9995
ISIS Metaphysical Center 1400 3rd.Ave., Columbus, GA  31901 Hours: Saturday - Sunday 3 to 6 P.M.
Community Service: Classes Tarot Readings Open Circles.  Store offers Sterling silver pagan jewelry as well as Egyptians.
email: Phone: (706) 561-7844 A supply of books with more being added. Spirit stones and divination tools are offered as well as classes and their use. There is also a selection of Gay Pride merchandise and other Metaphysical items.
Life Grocery 1453 Roswell Rd., Marietta, GA Everything Natural including:  Bulk Herbs, Vitamins, and Organic Produce (770) 977-9583
Divine Images   Handmade Hardwood Personal Altars, Devotional Statuary, Unique Pewter Candleholders (404) 284-4443  WebPage:
Crystal Blue 1168 Euclid Ave. Atlanta, GA 30307 -  Near Little Five Points Books, Gifts and Jewelry 404-522-4605
CyberMoon Emporium
  Eclectic emporium of metaphysical items. We are proud to be the FIRST to offer runes on eBay, Yahoo and Amazon! The first and still the best. Cybershop only. We offer two mailing lists: Witchy Womyn and WitchyFolks. Sign up info on the website. Please stop by for a brew ....

ePagan Auctions   The Leading Free Metaphysical Auction Site for the Pagan Community!   Offering all the features of the big boys, including image hosting, and alot of community extras! Stop by and send a free cyber greeting card or add your own segment to our own Witchy Tale - An Interactive Story.

Sun Glo Metaphysical Bookstore 1028 Alpharetta St., Roswell, Ga. 30075 Metaphysical Bookstore (770) 640-8184


Alabama E-Lists




Web and e-mail Addresses

Y Dynion Mwyn on-line Study Group

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Alabama Pagan Music
Bands and Performers





Emerald Rose

  A Celtic pop Fusion band.  WebPage at

Mighty Fine Haggis

  Pagan Heavy Metal Band

Dream Trybe

  Pagan Duo


  Pagan Folk Rock Band e-mail   Webpage

Spirit Quest

  Pagan Duo.  Very professional but Spiritual. e-mail:


  Progressive Rock Band Please check us out at our WebPage

Thanks for your time, Jen
Chapman  e-mail:

Alabama Witchcraft lancebar
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Alabama Wicca

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