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Below I will provide interactive relationship maps for the organizations and people mentioned in today's New York Times article.  I will begin with some important charts that need to be viewed before delving into the backup charts for the following New York Times article.  If you take a few minutes to review the first few charts, you will better understand the charts presented in the order information is mentioned in the article.

The New York Times did some journalistic digging and found the Koch Brothers spent a small Anti-Obamacare fortune resulting in the Government Shutdown.

A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning

A review of tax records, campaign finance reports and corporate filings shows that hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised and spent since 2012 by organizations, many of them loosely connected, leading opposition to the measure.

One of the biggest sources of conservative money is Freedom Partners, a tax-exempt “business league” that claims more than 200 members, each of whom pays at least $100,000 in dues. The group’s board is headed by a longtime executive of Koch Industries, the conglomerate run by the Koch brothers, who were among the original financiers of the Tea Party movement. The Kochs declined to comment.

"A REVIEW OF TAX RECORDS" - I have spent months and months looking into this.  I propose that, because there are so many links in this monetary web, that the IRS doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of uncovering and exposing how money is being used to subvert our democracy or even to find any discrepancies.

The bizarrely intricate methods being used by the Kochs and others to finance the undermining of our democracy could actually upend these hateful, socially irresponsible, greedy 1% efforts.

Tax Evasion took down the mob, remember?  Of course, this would require the IRS, the FBI white collar division, and DOJ to be both properly funded and motivated which helps explain, in part, the right wing hopes of killing off the government.

The Kochs are not stupid.  I'm on to their plan, as are many others.

Specifically, the Kochs (and many other plutocrats) know that, by funding the far far right Tea Party and the so-called liberty-loving, seemingly wonderful Libertarian movement, candidates from both conservative niches will run for seats and regardless of which flavor of conservativism of the day is preferred, the Kochs/Plutocrats will still have their hand puppets elected to serve their "Kill all social services, no rules, no taxes, serve-the-rich, dog-eat-dog" government takeover coup.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to hoodwink the collegiate and even high school demographic to win the hearts and minds of today's youth because the GOP is dying off.  All manner of efforts are being made by the 1% to present today's youth with a tanked economy and a no-hope future so the Democratic Party can be blamed.  The Koch Brothers and others hope these youth will flock to the GOP in 2014 and 2016.  

The above is the Koch brothers dream as well as the dream of any/all whose heart contains at least a modicum of hate for some aspect of American society.

I call the entire cabal Hatriots.

A perfect example of this drive is Generation Opportunity is a Koch Brothers/Plutocratic Cabal hand puppet.  I wonder if the kids being hoodwinked in this group know that their financiers don't give a rat's ass about them?

I am still hopeful there are journalists interested in digging and exposing the Koch Brothers and the Cabal's networks of evil.  There is a cabal of Foundations working very hard to make your life miserable and they are succeeding.

This chart just scratches the surface of Conservative Foundations.  Note Freedom Works Foundation on this chart.  It's a Koch funded entity.  These conservative groups are all interconnected.

Conservative Foundations & Non-Profits

Donors Trust is one of the entities the Koch Brothers and their like-minded, greedy friends funnel money through hoping to end our democracy as we know it.  You will see some other Right Wing foundations in this chart as well as Freedom Works Foundation (which means freedom for the rich to do whatever they feel like doing to our land, water, air, and us)

Donors Trust - Koch Affiliated

Will money be enough to subvert and takeover Congress and ultimately destroy democratic processes?  

Is America hanging by a thread?  

If so, what horrible implications await our youth and, for the matter, the world?

By the way, the Koch family and The Cabal has actually been working for 80 years to undermine and destroy all the FDR accomplished.  The Koch led Cabal wants to see children back to work and the end to any/all social safety nets and corporation regulations.  The Cabal wants a return to the two class glory days.

The Cabal calls this Freedom.  The rest of the world calls this fascism.

Here's the in-depth information to back up this claim:

Exposé - 80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = TEA PARTY Disinformation Machine

The Exposé includes all the links a journalist will need to dig a little deeper.

Today I thought it would be helpful to provide a Pictorial Response to the NYTimes Exposé

Here are the pictures with a minimum of commentary.

Let's take a look at Freedom Partners.  Click here for the interactive version.

Freedom Parners funds the Chamber of Commerce and all the FAUX GRASS ROOTS anti-Obamacare, small government, anti-social justice groups out there including the Tea Party and the growing Libertarian movement.

Koch Brothers Freedom Partners & Chamber of Commerce

Mark Short is listed as the President, but let's be clear.  

Richard Fink is the Koch Brothers key man.

Here's Fink's chart.  Notice how Fink is involved with almost all things Koch.

Richard Fink - Koch Brothers Right Hand Man

AMERICAN COMMITMENT click to see larger, interactive map.

American Commitment - Koch Brothers

I'll keep adding Connection maps throughout the day.  I HAVE TO RUN

The above demonstrates the vast web and interconnectedness of some of the key players in the Coup to destroy our country.




Shortly after President Obama started his second term, a loose-knit coalition of conservative activists led by former Attorney General Edwin Meese III gathered in the capital to plot strategy.

Ed Meese III - interactive Muckety Map

Ed Meese III - Koch Mercatus Connection

Here are the people that signed the Blueprint to Defund Obama which was sponsored by Koch Sponsored Freedom Works.

Here's the interactive Muckety map for Freedom Works.

Freedom Works Foundation Network

The Freedom Works Foundation is a funnel.  Please note that the conservative millionaire foundations funding The Freedom Works Foundation are funding Freedom Works as well as other right wing organizations including Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.  These are key financial backers that work with the Kochs.

“We felt very strongly at the start of this year that the House needed to use the power of the purse,” said one coalition member, Michael A. Needham, who runs Heritage Action for America, the political arm of the Heritage Foundation.

Michael is on the Freedom Partners payroll via Heritage Action for America, for which he is CEO

Michael Needham interactive Muckety map.

Michael Needham funded by Koch's Freedom Partners

This interactive Muckety map  for the Heritage Foundation is a gathering of most of the conservative foundations that are joining forces with the Koch Brothers money.  This is a good resource to use for digging deeper into the 80 year old roots of this movement.

You will see in the upper left hand portion of this chart that the Koch Brothers organizations dominate.  You will also see that another source of Koch Brother financing is the Roe Foundation and that Thomas Roe was a founder of the State Policy Network.

In the mid-1980s, Roe allegedly told fellow wealthy conservative donor and Heritage Foundation trustee Robert Krieble,

"You capture the Soviet Union -- I'm going to capture the states."

Again, if you read the 80 Year..Koch..Expose linked article above, you will find that this plan to undo our social safety net goes back for many decades.

Heritage Funding Foundations

Roe perfectly stated the goal:  To capture the United States

From the New York Times article:

Groups like Tea Party Patriots, Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks are all immersed in the fight, as is Club for Growth, a business-backed nonprofit organization. Some, like Generation Opportunity and Young Americans for Liberty, both aimed at young adults, are upstarts.


Koch Brothers Freedom Partners & Chamber of Commerce

CLUB FOR GROWTH interactive Muckety Map

Club For Growth

The Koch Brothers and Freedom Partners charts are shown above.

Next up from the NYTimes article:

Included was $5 million to Generation Opportunity, which created a buzz last month with an Internet advertisement showing a menacing Uncle Sam figure popping up between a woman’s legs during a gynecological exam.  Click here to see that Generation Opportunity is a far cry from student activism.  GO is 100% funded by TC4 Trust and Freedom Partners.

Generation Opportunity Funded by Koch Brothers

I have to run again, but here's an important chart to help hone in on who is funding the Anti-Obamacare Coalition


Center to Protect Patient Rights - Koch


Exposé - 80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = TEA PARTY Disinformation Machine

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HUGE THANKS TO THE TEAM AT MUCKETY MAPS who have done a ton of work!!

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